New Video: Jessica Ashley, 'Neverland' (VIDEO)

Jessica Ashley drops her latest video for "Neverland".

Travel to "Neverland" with Jessica Ashley.

Somehow, some way, we accidentally slept on Jessica Ashley and her "Neverland" video. Big Mistake! Huge! ("Pretty Woman" reference obviously intended). If you're not familiar with Jessica Ashley (you might wanna fix that ASAP), then we'll gently remind you that the 20-year-old singer/songwriter/producer first made a name for herself on YouTube, where like our old pal Justin Bieber, she racked up hella views. During that time, the New York-based singer also penned hits for famous peeps such as JoJo, but now, the triple threat is focused on her solo career, starting with her debut EP, Prelude, and "Neverland," a brand-new clip that's already amassed a cool 1 million views in only two weeks.

Watch Jessica Ashley's "Neverland" video after the jump.

In the Cinderella-themed, anachronism-laden video, Jessica plays the role of the servant-turned-princess (obvs, you think someone that pretty is playing an evil stepsister?), but it's not your typical Disney version. Rather, the whole vibe kinda feels like a "Downton Abbey" episode where everyone has an immaculate blowout and there's a Rolls Royce hanging around. Or, in simpler terms, think "A Cinderella Story" set in Colonial Williamsburg. Oh, and we should mention that Jessica's love interest just so happens to be Justin Gaston, the very same bloke who starred as Taylor Swift's love interest in "Love Story." Right, so we've got Taylor Swift's ex-love interest and a Colonial Williamsburg-themed "Downton Abbey" episode -- can you think of any reasons why you shouldn't watch?

+ Watch Jessica Ashley's "Neverland" video.

Photo credit: Jessica Ashley