PLEASE Watch Old Navy's Incredible 'Twas The Jordan Knight Before Christmas' Commercial (VIDEO)

Santa's been replaced by Jordan Knight in Old Navy's amazing new commercial.

OK, Old Navy's ad team deserves a CLIO for their commitment to '90s pop culture nostalgia. First there was the "90210" commercial in which Kelly Taylor chooses JEANS. And who can forget the one with the Backstreet Boys tumbling out of an enormous boom box while peddling jeggings? (P.S. We bought a pair.) And now they're giving us a "Funky Funky Christmas" miracle: "Twas The Jordan Knight Before Christmas" commercial.

The commercial opens with crooner Johnny Mathis (legend status -- Google it) telling what is quite frankly a much better version of "Twas The Night Before Christmas." He gets about one sentence into the tale before NKOTB's Jordan Knight bursts into the house looking young enough to be his own SON, rocking red (that suit may be a hat tip to Psy) and flanked by elves. Because Jordan K. feels so Christmasy!

Watch Old Navy's "Twas The Jordan Knight Before Christmas" commercial after the jump.

As if life couldn't get better, Motownphilly's back again doing a little East Coast swing as three wise Boyz II Men bum-rush this lucky family's house, wearing gold crowns and throwing pajamas at a confused child. The commercial then concludes with a sign-off from Jordan Knight. Oh JORDAN KNIGHT. It's so very clear that I'll Be Loving You Forever, especially if you continue to meet all of my unending '90s nostalgia needs the way you do.

And Old Navy? I need to check my brain for implants, because you're constantly reading my mind. I expect to ring out the New Year with more commercials geared toward me, your target demographic? Visions of Amanda Woodward and dramatic redheads in sparkly frocks around "Melrose Place"'s famed pool are dancing in my head. We'll talk!

A Funky Funky Christmas to all, and to all a good Knight!

+ Watch Old Navy's "Twas The Jordan Knight Before Christmas" commercial.

Photo credit: Old Navy