Star Spotting: One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Is Friends With A Fake Pigeon Named Kevin (PHOTO)

Louis Tomlinson holds Kevin, One Direction's fake pigeon friend, while backstage.

Here at Buzzworthy, we're pretty fond of hunky boy-band members hanging out with all different kinds of critters. Just recently One Direction's Liam Payne snuggled with a real-life dolphin, and now we're swooning over Louis Tomlinson holding...a fake pigeon named Kevin. (You read that right.) Hey, we'll "awww" at anything when it's 1D... even if they happen to be holding an anthropomorphized bird. WE'RE NOT PICKY.

After some very in-depth research, we learned that this Facebook photo isn't Kevin's first foray into fame. The 1D boys have forged quite a connection with the bird in a number of videos, and best of all, Kevin even has his own Facebook fan page. (The internet is a magical place, guys.) And just recently, the VIP (Very Important Pigeon) scored some backstage time with the guys during their performance at the iTunes Festival!

All obvious questions aside (like WHY A PLASTIC BIRD!?), we're still left wondering one thing: Does Kevin get all-access passes to everything 1D? You know, like free merch, concerts, and unseen footage from the band's "Live While We're Young" (*cough* specifically the extra deleted scenes of the guys wearing those wet shirts *cough*)? We're just wondering if we should be jealous of a fake pigeon or not. Even though we already are.

Photo credit: One Direction Facebook