An Open Letter To Joe Jonas Regarding His Butterfly Shirt

Joe. Your shirt is a study in Entomology.

Dear Joe Jonas,

Listen. About that butterfly shirt you wore yesterday on the "Today" show. I'm just trying to UNDERSTAND it, and for me, it falls somewhere on the difficult-to-grasp spectrum between quantum physics and string theory. But work with me! Here are my theories.

1.) It's a grand gesture of your feelings for Mariah Carey. You've already made public your passion for Gloria Estefan, now you'd like to expand your admiration of the 42-and-up-set to include (indirectly) your vision of love for Mariah, who's made her love of Lepidoptera famous thanks to her album and song.

2.) It's an inside joke with Britney Spears! She's also a fan of the colorful insect and has a butterfly tattoo as well as a butterfly on her B in the Mix: The Remixes album. Joe, are you testing out a non-permanent version of butterfly tats before committing to the ink as an homage to Britney?

3.) You've tacitly accepted that you and your ex, Taylor Swift, are never (ever ever) getting back together (if the song's even about you), so you're  expressing your freedom sartorially. Or you're showcasing your bachelor status as juxtaposition of her reported new Kennedy relationship.

OH JUST TELL US, JOE. And P.S. We prefer you in white.



Photo credit: Getty