New Video: Pierce The Veil, 'King For A Day'

Pierce the Veil: also kings of the heist movie.

You've already seen a sneak peek of Pierce the Veil suiting up for a classy bank robbery, and in the new "King For a Day" video, the band pulls the heist off with style (and Super Soakers). In a very "Office Space" move, the San Diego quartet decides to get theirs after their piggish branch manager asks 'em to come in on Saturday -- dude should know that never works out. Instead of "Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta," the video's set to Pierce the Veil's latest, a song split between hard-core breakdowns and a melodic, warp-speed chorus.

Watch Pierce the Veil's "King For A Day" video after the jump.

The video blends the bank sequences with the band's high-energy performance -- peep singer Vic Fuentes' sweet-looking smeared green-and-white guitar. While the heist scenes get pretty intense, don't worry -- Pierce the Veil put their own twist on the situation before things get violent. Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens costars in the clip, and we'll be seeing a lot more of that combo in the next few months: His band will be hitting the road with Pierce the Veil on the Rockstar Energy Presents The Collide With The Sky Tour. That bill will also have Tonight Alive and Hands Like Houses. The tour takes its name from Pierce the Veil's new album, which dropped in July on Fearless Records. King for a day? They'll be touring through November, so we'd say they've got plenty of ruling ahead of them.

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Photo credit: Fearless Records