New Song: Frank + Derol, 'Barely Love You Too'

Brandi Cyrus and Codi Caraco are Frank + Derol, and "Barely Love You Too" is basically a pop masterpiece.

You'll have to excuse us for gushing, but can we just get a big round of applause for the Cyrus family? While we've been distracted by Miley Cyrus showing off her impressively toned abs, fearlessly fighting for marriage equality and occasionally moving us to tears with her sensitive covers of Bob Dylan (all hail Queen Miley, y'all!), her sister Brandi Cyrus has been coming for the crown. In fact, she just recorded one of the most irresistible pop songs we've heard all year with her pal Codi Caraco as part of their band Frank + Derol.

Listen to Frank + Derol's "Barely Love You Too" after the jump.

Frank + Derol's "Barely Love You Too" is a gorgeously sweet, lo-fi pop gem that spills over with yearning and vulnerability in an intoxicating hook and a nostalgic dose of '90s twee (as this could easily be a Belly B-side).

"Stop these games/ You got me feeling like I'm so insane/ You know I'd tell you but I feel restrain/ Is it safe enough to say/ Remind me, qu'est-ce que c'est?/ I barely love you, too," the girls harmonize over the lush, fuzzy production.

Now working with Interscope Records on an EP due out in September and a full-length release in 2013, expect big things from Frank + Derol, who could easily corner the alt-pop market if they keep this up. Billy Ray and Trish must be so proud!

+ Listen to Frank + Derol's "Barely Love You Too."

Photo credit: Interscope Records

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