Star Spotting: Katy Perry Surprises Fans In London, Generously Serves Them Popcorn

Katy Perry: Not above getting her own snacks at the movie theater.

We already have the release date of Katy Perry's "Part Of Me" 3-D movie (July 5!) circled about 400 times in bright pink highlighter (and maybe glitter) on our calendar, but some VERY lucky folks already got to see a sneak peek of the film while eating snacks served by none other than Katy Perry, who's so hot she'll melt your Popsicle AND pop your popcorn.

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 Katy surprised fans by attending the sneak peek of her 3-D film!

The "Wide Awake" singer popped up at her film's screening event in London and stunned fans by serving up one of our favorite things to have for dinner -- MOVIE THEATER POPCORN! (Seriously, how do we get invited to these things?!).

While in London, Katy also stopped by "The Graham Norton Show," where she admitted that she was having a hard time during her divorce, but put on a brave smile and was like, "the show must go on." Because she's the ULTIMATE pro, she keeps giving fans what they really want: spinning boobs.

Just in case it's not enough that Katy gets her own 3-D concert film (and the ability to look adorbz in those cheesy 3-D glasses), "Katy Perry: Part Of Me," she also got her own comic book and will be performing at the Macy's Fourth Of July Firework Spectacular. (It's on July 4, if you didn't get that.) It's pretty safe to say that Katy's winning at everything (obvs).

+ Watch Katy Perry at 18 predict her MTV fame in this exclusive "Katy Perry: Part Of Me" sneak peek:

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