Kimmy Gibbler Of 'Full House' Pimps Out NKOTB For The Summer MixTape Festival. Because Life Is Weird

If Kimmy Gibbler will be at The Summer MixTape Festival, then we will be there too.

YOU GUYS! You DID read that correctly (I assume). Kimmy Gibbler -- famous "Full House" crasher, notorious smelly foot owner, chronic over-accessorizer and one of the most famous '90s next-door-neighbors not named Urkel -- is an ambassador for the MixTape Festival, a two-day musical festival at Hersheypark, in Hershey, Pa., happening this August, and in this completely wackarooney video, she professes her love for NKOTB, who are headlining the music fest.

Lots to say here. First of all, is it possible to get whiplash just from watching a video? Just hearing Kimmy Gibbler's (her real name is Andrea Barber, but she'll always be Kimmy to us) voice is sending me into a downward spiral where the only landing pad is a pile of slap bracelets (which are coming back, BTW) to cushion the blow. Also, what witch doctor has Andrea... Gibler been seeing? She looks nearly identical to her preteen self. That's some skin care sorcery with which I need to be involved, stat.

Regarding the festival, I have so many questions! Will we find out if Andrea's a Joey Girl or a Donnie Girl? What will DEEJ say? One thing's for sure: It'll be totally radical. I'm not even joking. Carly Rae Jepsen -- she's obsessed with Ryan Gosling, and we're obsessed with President Obama's "Call Me Maybe" mashup -- is playing. A newly blonde Kelly Clarkson will be there, along with The Ready Set, DJ Pauly D and more people we'd pay good money to see. Oh yeah, AND THE NEW KIDS. Worlds colliding! Decades, even. It's like God programmed the lineup.

Now watch Kimmy explain it all in this bizarre and life-affirming video. Spoiler: She does a Michelle Tanner impression. Got it, dude?

What is the Summer MixTape Festival? from MixTape Festival on Vimeo.

This is exactly how we feel about the Summer MixTape Festival