New Song: Ne-Yo, 'Lazy Love'

If anyone knows how to write a stunning love song, it's Ne-Yo. So it makes sense that the "Think Like A Man" collaborator's latest tune, "Lazy Love," does not disappoint. This may be the slickest, most subtle love song we've heard in a minute.

Listen to Ne-Yo's "Lazy Love" after the jump. 

Set to a chill, laid-back track, Ne-Yo's buttery vocals take us through the story of a lazy morning that Ne-Yo wishes he could spend with his gal pal. But the duties of being rich and famous call, and instead of hanging back with his girl, Ne-Yo's gotta get out of bed and face reality: "I gotta go downstairs/ Everybody waiting down there for me/ But I roll over into your curly hair/ Your sexy body, oh so nice and curvy, I'm reminiscing on last night."

OK, sure it's sucks that you have to get out of bed and get paid millions to write songs for famous people go to the office, but aren't you Ne-Yo? Rich and famous Ne-Yo who could probably tell everyone waiting for him in the lobby to go take an extra-long lunch while you chill with your woman? Maybe I'm getting the concept of fame confused with something else, but if that were me and I had a hot dude in my hotel room, I'd probably take the day off.

Check out Ne-Yo's forthcoming disc, R.E.D. -- which stands for "Realizing Every Dream" -- when it drops Sept. 18.

+ Listen to Ne-Yo's "Lazy Love."