New Video: Hit The Lights, 'Earthquake'

Oh, to be an all-dude band out on the open road. In the video for "Earthquake," Ohio-based emo-punk outfit Hit The Lights pummel us with a flood of footage from their fall 2011 tour -- we get to see the rough and rowdy five-piece tearing it up onstage, showing off their tattoos, crowd-surfing, pigging out on pizza, giving a middle-finger salute from atop a city roof, chugging Four Loko and generally wreaking havoc all over the U.S. of A. Hit The Lights also racks up some major punk points with multiple shots of guitarist Kevin Mahoney's killer Black Flag T-shirt -- not to mention that bit where singer Nick Thompson pitches a crying fit on the lap of an exceedingly good-humored mall Santa.

The first video from their upcoming album Invicta (due out Jan. 31), "Earthquake" is a chaotic collage of time-lapse photography, backstage footage and snippets of shaky fan videos filmed from deep in the crowd. And no worries if you missed out on the craziness last fall -- Hit The Lights have lots more hell-raising in store, thanks to their opening slot on tour with D.R.U.G.S. (a 24-date outing kicked off on Monday). Let's just hope they go a little easier on the Four Loko this time around.

+ Watch Hit The Lights, "Earthquake."