Ke$ha Started A New Tumblr... And It's Dedicated To BEARDS.

Credit, all photos: Put Your Beard In My Mouth

File this under: Some of the most random ish you've ever seen, ever. Ke$ha has started a Tumblr (it's the cool thing to do, kids!) and it's all about beards. Yep, you heard me. Ke$ha's new blog Put Your Beard In My Mouth is an homage to the facial hair that grows on the faces of most men over the age of 13 (and some unfortunate women). We knew Ke$ha loved her some beards when she whispered "I like your beard" at the end of her "Your Love Is My Drug" video, but we never would have would have suspected that her "thing" was actually having dudes insert their beards into her mouth. Eek!

So, exactly what can be found on Put Your Beard In My Mouth? As you might expect, it's basically just a ton of pics of bearded guys all given various superlatives by the always-creative Ke$ha. For example, if you're covered in tats and have a beard long enough to graze your belly button, Ke$ha will deem your precious hair accumulation a "Fresh out of Prison Beard":

"Fresh Out Of Prison Beard"

After looking at all these beards, I'm both intrigued and horrified/may actually have to run out and find myself a hot bearded man just to test it out. Oh, and P.S.: If you or your bearded buddy have an interest in being on Ke$ha's blog, submit your photos here!