New Video: I Am The Avalanche, 'Brooklyn Dodgers'

It's been six years since I Am The Avalanche's self-titled debut album, and now the Brooklynites are back with their recently dropped sophomore effort, Avalanche United, which was produced by the band and executive-produced by their drummer, Brett "Ratt" Romnes. Formed in 2004 by screamo purveyors -– frontman Vinnie Caruana (The Movielife), guitarist Brandon Swanson (Further Seems Forever) and Kellen Robson (Scraps & Heart Attacks), along with guitarist Michael Ireland and drummer Romnes -– the group is set to head on tour in the UK in February with Brand New.

Their new video for the song "Brooklyn Dodgers" from Avalanche United shows the viewer some serious hometown love, along with nostalgic looks at a bit of its history. Curuana ponders, "Whatever happened to the Brooklyn Dodgers? Whatever happened to me?" as he and his bandmates walk, bike and drive around their beloved neighborhood. "Whatever happened to all the New York gentleman?" he asks, as do a gazillion gals every day (am I right, ladies?). But his dad has the answer. Curuana sings, "My dad says, 'Son, you're looking at one.'"

Still out there, chicas! The frenetic, driving lyrics touch on how generations past have pondered the same questions: a father joking about having been a hippie and how relatives had to change names "just to seem more American." The video ends on a celebratory note: in a bar where friends sing along and cheer to the then and now.

Avalanche United is out now on I Surrender Records.

+ Watch I Am The Avalanche's "Brooklyn Dodgers" video.