3 Unreleased Britney Spears Songs Surface (!!!) 'Abroad,' Dangerous' & 'Rock Star'

Credit: WireImage

Getting your mitts on an unreleased Britney Spears track is kinda like making out with Jake Gyllenhaal -- it's totally unlikely but if it were to happen, it would be the best damn day of your life. Yesterday we told you about Brit's unreleased "Everyday" (not to be confused with her MASTERPIECE "Everytime"), and today, we bring you THREE new unreleased tracks!!! Ready to completely lose your EFFING mind?

In "Abroad," the first of the three tracks, Britney coyly relates a hot hookup to traveling around the world. Brit's voice isn't as produced as usual, which leads us to wonder if "Abroad" is a raw demo. But the song itself is pretty effing catchy: "Let me see your passport/Please take off your glasses/Gotta get through customs/Taxi, baggage." KAY Brit, let's be real. You're probably private, but we'll let you pretend you're in coach for the sake of a good song.

The second leak, "Dangerous," also sounds like a demo but is a bit more fully realized. The cheeky vibe of this one reminds us a little of "Toxic" with a dash of a James Bond-movie suspense thrown in for good measure. The third and arguably best new Britney leak is "Rock Star." Guided by gritty guitars, the sultry vibe of this tune is reminiscent of Britney's song "Early Mornin'." Lyrically, Brit sings of a dude who thinks he's super hot for no good reason: "So where do you get that game/You don't even know my name/So who do you think you are/You wanna be a rock star."

This much new Britney material and it's not even our birthday! Which was the sentiment going around the Brit-ernet yesterday. So we here at Buzzworthy hopped on the phone with BreatheHeavy.com's Jordan Miller to chat about the onslaught of Britney leaks this week. "Yesterday was called Britmas because it was like Christmas for Britney music," he said of the deluge of unreleased Britney songs that surfaced. "In the end, Britney's music is what people really love her for. People became a fan because of her music and the CDs, not because of all the hoopla. For a fan, it's the ultimate gift."

All in all, three strong tunes, any of which could easily be found on a forthcoming Britney disc! P.S. Brit, girl, when's that going down?

+ Listen to Britney Spears' "Abroad," "Dangerous" and "Rock Star."