Video Premiere: Mayday Parade, 'Oh Well, Oh Well'

We'll assume that Tallahassee, Florida quintet Mayday Parade is still high flying from their inclusion in our Fall Music Preview, but the guys have found a second to come down and release the video for "Oh Well, Oh Well," the lead single from their recently released eponymous third album.

Equal parts video comic book, Shakespearean tragedy and "Night of the Living Dead," "Oh Well, Oh Well," created by Thunder Down Country, is opens on a funeral for for lead singer Derek Sanders, who is quickly exhumed, alive, by band member Jake Bundrick (that's what bandmates are for, right?). The pair meet up with the rest of the band, only to be hunted down by the most dapper, well-dressed ghouls you've ever seen.

Meanwhile, Derek's love, assuming her man is playing the great gig in the sky, is understandably distraught and preparing one final jump over a cliff. Can he save her in time?! Sure, "Oh Well, Oh Well" may not win Most Cheerful Video at any award shows, but the band keeps the pacing fresh, the story involved and the animation gothic and unique. You can't really ask for much more.

+ Watch Mayday Parade's "Oh Well, Oh Well" video.