JoJo Covers Amy Winehouse's 'You Know I'm No Good' (VIDEO)

Credit: Getty Images

For the last few months, JoJo has been wooing fans with her generosity while out promoting her upcoming album. Girl's given them behind-the-scenes road diaries, tastes of new tracks, and just recently, a free concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit. There she bestowed the ULTIMATE freebie: a mind-blowing acoustic version of "You Know I'm No Good," by the late Amy Winehouse, whose posthumous album, Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasure, will be released this December.

A fan's video catches "The Other Chick" singer on stage alongside an acoustic guitar player acting like she's not about the impress the pants of the crowd. Her casual stance says, "Oh, I'm just gonna try to sing this incredibly difficult song by one of the most-talented crooners of our generation, NBD." Then, as the she flawlessly hits notes, audience members' mouths simultaneously drop to the floor. OK, that's not caught on camera, but it's pretty safe to assume.

If this is a sprinkle of what JoJo's powerhouse voice will offer her album due to drop early next year, color us impressed. She's always been a talented singer, but it's almost spooky how she channels Winehouse's raspy growl, emotional delivery and huge vocals. Also, where does the teensy-tiny girl even hide those gigantic pipes!? She's like one of those elusive NYC studios with an unexpected walk-in closet -- it's magic.

+ Watch JoJo covers Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm Not Good."