New Video: Boots Electric, 'Complexity'

Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes has assumed numerous aliases depending on what project he's working on at the moment. There's "Fabulous Weapon," "J. Devil" and now Boots Electric, the latter having just released his latest album Honkey Kong and the strip-tastic video "Complexity."

With leggy, booty short-clad women, dark lighting and Hughes' greasy hair, "Complexity" is the video version of most of Los Angeles. If you ever wanted to see Hughes strip down to thin suspenders and leather pants with a Phoenix embroidered on the ass, here's your chance. For the rest of us, various female dancers parade around Hughes, as if the song's perfect strip club capabilities weren't obvious enough.

Throughout the video, Hughes comes off as that dude you want to party with for a night, but would be scared to call your friend. He's the guy who always owes you money but always seems to have some in his pocket -- the gloriously sleazy creature of the night slithering around back alleys and underground parties that don't start until 4 a.m.

Contrary to the title, nothing is particularly complex about what you're about to see, though like the most memorable nights, there doesn't have to be.

+ Watch Boots Electric's "Complexity" video.