Watch The New Globe-Hopping Music Show, 'The MTV Iggy Show'

Yeah, you could buy a ticket to Colombia, Korea and Congo so you can yell "Firsties!" on all the latest music trends. But you'll also yell the same thing at your local bankruptcy court. Instead, allow us to bring a panoply of genres from around the world direct to you with our new weekly "The MTV Iggy Show."

Hosted by actress and sword swallower Heather Holliday, the show will feature three bands each week, hailing everywhere from New Zealand and Nigeria to Malaysia and Mexico. How many Malaysian rock bands or New Zealand rappers can you name? That's what we thought. See how helpful this is going to be?

Check back for a new episode every Monday and learn about Norwegian heavy metal, baile funk and a ton more classic and emerging genres. We'll also be bringing you live performances, scene updates, videos and events from around the world. We like to call it the state of pop culture on Planet Earth, but you can call it Things You Didn't Even Know Existed That Are Cooler Than Anything You've Heard Before. And a year or two from now, when all your friends are discussing the latest baile funk band, you'll proudly beam and say how much you prefer their earlier stuff.

+ Watch the first episode of "The MTV Iggy Show" below, and check out new episodes of "The MTV Iggy Show" every Monday.