New Song: Rich And Fameus, 'T-shirts And Snapbacks'

Miami-via-The Bronx hip-hop duo Rich And Fameus don't exactly play with subtlety and nuance on their latest track "T-shirts And Snapbacks." The title refers to their wardrobe of choice, while the track's repeated (and repeated) hook of "I look like a skater" will quickly embed itself into your brain.

Opening with twinkling synths and electric guitars, the track lays hip-hop verses over aggro drums and a beat more suited to rock clubs than hip-hop DJs. Comprising brothers Michael and Rich Gamble, the duo spit rapid-fire flows and name-drop Amber Rose and Charlie Sheen ("Duh, winning" apparently still has legs).

Rich and Fameus already earned an impressive co-sign by hooking up with venerable DJ/producer Don Cannon, who released the duo's debut mixtape "Ready For Take Off" earlier this year. The duo is set to release their debut EP later this year.

And if you really want to mess with people, guys, just tell every journalist that Michael is "Rich" and Rich is "Fameus." The confusion will be good for at least a few more media mentions. Hey, we're here to help.

+ Listen to Rich and Fameus' "T-shirts And Snapbacks."