Video Premiere: MUTEMATH, 'Blood Pressure'

Taking a cue from OK Go's "End Love" and their own video for "Typical," New Orleans rock band MUTEMATH returns with the time-lapsing video for "Blood Pressure," their lead single off the band's upcoming third album, Odd Soul.

Set inside a drab, featureless parking lot to accentuate the clever camera tricks, "Blood Pressure" finds the band and director/drummer Darren King playing with time and space, using time-lapse photography to create a warped, trippy display of the band. (We're particularly impressed by lead singer Paul Meany's wicked movable handstand.) While King and bassist Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas alternate between foreground and background, the camera gets up close and personal with Meany. And that's when things get really weird.

As various members are suspended in the air and flung across the screen, the video becomes increasingly manic and disorienting, but we're not complaining. By the time King and the other members engage in a time-lapsed battle of drums versus drumsticks, culminating with confetti raining down à la the band's "Typical" video, we're pretty much left in a spent heap.

Odd Souls is out Oct. 4 on Warner Bros.

+ Watch MUTEMATH's "Blood Pressure" video.