New Video: SuperHeavy, 'Miracle Worker'

Credit: Getty Images

It's actually real! SuperHeavy, the supergroup of Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, Eurythmics' Dave Stewart and Bollywood film composer A.R. Rahman, has been talked about for more than two years. Now, the group has finally released the reggae-laced lead single "Miracle Worker" in anticipation of the band's upcoming self-titled album.

Directed by Stewart, the video looks at a day in the life of a bustling city (replaced here by Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, presumably to avoid riots if this group shot the video "Where the Streets Have No Name"-style). Stewart gets a tattoo. Marley acts as the makeshift DJ. Stone hangs out in a flower shop. Jagger peers ominously through window blinds, hoping (we assume) that no one sees that suit. And Rahman, who scored "Slumdog Millionaire" among many others, does what any multimegagazillionaire does: ride around in limos and wear sunglasses unnecessarily.

"Miracle Worker" culminates with the entire group, one of the most musically disparate in rock history, performing at a faux-block party, though even after our umpteenth viewing, we're still a bit shell-shocked that everyone was available on the same day. And fashion tip to young male hipsters: You have to be in a successful rock band for nearly 50 years before you can even think about pulling the hot pink suit off.

SuperHeavy is out Sept. 20 on A&M.

+ Watch SuperHeavy's "Miracle Worker" video.