New Video: Michelle Branch, 'Loud Music'

The amount of times my best friend and I karaoke-ed Michelle Branch's "Everywhere" in 2001 is enough to keep us single for the rest of time. SO, I won't tell you. But I will tell you just how excited I am that Michelle Branch is making a comeback.

Michelle's new song, "Loud Music," is a perfect hybrid between the folkie Michelle Branch we've come to love and the more mature, rocker Michelle that we think is dying to break through. The song comes with a spankin' new video that features two story lines, both of which include really cute music boys.

The first plotline shows Michelle kicking it road-trip style with her friends/band. They're traveling cross country in a run-down van (though in real life it's probably more like a pimped-out tour bus) stopping along the way for beers, snacks and plenty of bathroom breaks just long enough for Michelle to frolic in an open field while wearing a huge hat, obvs.

In the secondary plotline, Michelle meets and falls in love with a sexy blond rocker dude who "got her" at "cool T-shirt babe." (That'd probably get us too, so don't be so hard on yourself, Mich). In addition to some eye gazing and shoulder leaning, we see the rocker dude give Michelle a necklace right before a hot (yet gratuitous) bedroom scene. PG-13 eyes only. And though the two story lines don't ever really converge, "Loud Music" concludes with a rowdy pool party, which is really all the closure we'd ever need anyway.

+ Watch "Loud Music" by Michelle Branch below.