WATCH: Taylor Swift Covers Fall Out Boy's 'Sugar, We're Goin Down'

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Taylor Swift is just like, so nice. While on her "Speak Now" tour, Taylor has made an effort to cover a song by a band native to the city she's currently in. We know -- award for most thoughtful pop star ever.

While in Detroit, Taylor paid homage to Eminem by covering "Lose Yourself" and while in PA, she paid tribute to Philly gals Pink and TLC with her take on "Who Knew" and "Unpretty." Most recently during her stop in Chicago, Swift paid tribute to Fall Out Boy by adding a little country-pop flare to their rock-pop hit "Sugar, We're Goin Down." If it were us, we probably would have just had a deep dish pizza and called it a day. But not Taylor. Eating Chicago's signature dish was just not a sufficient enough tribute.

Decked in just about the cutest lavender dress we've ever seen, Taylor took a seat on the stage to chat with her audience: "There's a song that was all I listened to my freshman year of high school and me and my friend Abigail, we use to drive around...and the band that sings it is from Chicago. I feel like if you knew it, it would be amazing if you sing along...would you do that?" Why yes, yes we will.

P.S. Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump himself approved of the cover via Twitter. Everyone loves Taylor Swift.

+ Watch Taylor Swift cover Fall Out Boy's "Sugar, We're Goin Down."

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