New Song: Joe Jonas, 'Love Slayer'

Oh no. Oh no no no, Joe Jonas. That girl is the bad news. Just the total worst. But you wouldn't go back again for the bad stuff, would you? You would. And you did. Fleeing and then returning to the scene of a love crime is exactly what Joe Jonas is guilty of in his new song, "Love Slayer," which dropped today.

See, I was assuming that after the ash, fire and brimstone had settled on the charred romantic aftermath that was his "See No More" video, Joe Jonas had finally learned a lesson. But after hearing "Love Slayer" and lyrics like "She's a killer... Most likely to be on my worst behavior... She'll have you up all night. But I'm ready to stay up," it's clear that Joe Jonas is the type to touch a hot stove not once but twice... maybe even two times. Maybe even a third time!

OK, I'll kill the extended metaphors. Point is, "Love Slayer," which has all the synthed-up, electro-tinged bouncy trappings of an instant dancefloor slayer -- is Joe Jonas deliberately plunging headfirst into the bad relationship department and into dance music. There's a Chris Brown -- who co-wrote "See No More" -- vibe all over this joint too, and it could easily double as one of Chris' earlier singles or a Jason Derülo or Usher track or perhaps a B-side off of Britney's Blackout. (Perhaps it's an homage to his new tourmate!)

"Love Slayer" can be found on Joe Jonas' upcoming FastLife debut solo album -- which got pushed back from Sept. 6 to Oct. 11. (So... not-so-FastLife? Just kidding, Joe Jonas. Take all the time you need. We'll be ready to get slayed.)

+ Listen to Joe Jonas' new song, "Love Slayer," and after the jump, watch Joe Jonas' "See No More" video and tour diary.