Katy Perry Has Superclean Teeth, Is Fine With Farts

The folks over at Us Weekly released a special "bookazine" (it's not a book, not yet a magazine, I guess), featuring none other than my most favoritest pop star in the world, Katy Perry. It's called All About Katy Perry, it's $9.99 and it features never-before-seen baby photos of Katy. Plus it reveals 15 facts that you probably never ever ever knew about Mrs. Russell Brand. While I won't give away the entire list, here are five gems including Katy's doppelgänger, Zooey Deschanel, her "Jersey Shore" obsession and her personal hygiene/farting habits.

1.) Katy Hearts Zooey: Katy Perry is fully aware of the fact that she looks a lot like indie starlet Zooey Deschanel. (We called this three years ago, by the way.) “I think she's hot," says Perry. "So does that make me hot?" Yep, Katy. It does.

2.) Oral Hygiene Is VERY Important To Katy Perry: Nobody likes pesky plaque buildup, but according to her stylist Johnny Wujek, it bothers Katy Perry a little bit more than the rest of us. "Katy is obsessed with brushing her teeth," says Johnny. Fine. Call her OCD all you want, but Katy's teeth look pretty stellar to us.

3.) Katy Perry Does Not Give A Crap About Farting: When Us Weekly turned to Katy's sister Angela for some inside deets, Angela was more than eager to let the mag know about Katy's, um, gas habits. "She likes to fart a lot. Everywhere. In front of everybody. And you can print that!” Katy, I think we'll print it too for good measure.

4.) Katy Perry She Loves To GTL: She may be a superstar, but Katy Perry has fallen under the "Jersey Shore" spell like the rest of us. Katy met Snooki at the Grammys last year and has since been mimicking Snooks' famous accent. Wonder if she'll start speaking her secret language soon too?

5.) Katy's A Giver: The always-charitable Katy gives away tons of clothes, jewelry and shoes to her tour crew. Rules are rules, though, and Katy's tour hierarchy states that backup singers and dancers get first dibs. I'm pretty sure there's enough to go around.