New Video: Chris Brown, Featuring Justin Bieber, 'Next 2 You'

Credit: WireImage / Getty Images

Remember when your parents wouldn't let you hang out with your boyfriend or girlfriend on a school night and it just felt like the whole world was ending, OMGChris Brown, with Justin Bieber's assist, has taken that concept literally in Chris Brown's "Next 2 You" Colin Tilley-directed video (the "Next 2 You" video initially leaked last week, but this is the real deal), turning upper Manhattan into an apocalyptic wasteland complete with burning cars, lightning storms and a giant chasm that might just lead to hell.

"I'll be there when you're insecure/let you know that you're always lovely," Bieber sings as he stands on top of a building, surveying the carnage. How very... juxtaposition-y. There are some sensual flashbacks, a lot of things are on fire, and everyone is scared. Chris Brown's girlfriend gets hit by a car. (WTH!??!) BUT SHE'S OK! What else? There's a lot of pointing. And perfect eye contact with the camera. Despite the scorched earth and fire and brimstone, liberal use of a green screen and effects, and general damnation, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown don't necessarily save the world, but they do save love.

The whole thing is delightfully ridiculous in its cinematic drama, and really must be seen to be believed. Or should I say, BELIEBED? Sorry, had to.

+ Watch Chris Brown's "Next 2 You" video, featuring Justin Bieber.