'90s News! SWV To Reunite!

Pour yourself a tall glass of Crystal Pepsi, maybe bust an Arsenio Hall arm-pump and apply a second coat of that brown lipstick to celebrate, because Singersroom is reporting that SWV (Sisters With Voices) are prepping a new album! Is the excitement causing you to sweat out of your color-blocked button-up T-shirts, Hammer pants and Starter jackets or WHAT? Just don't ruin your mall-bangs over it, 'kay?

The trio -- Cheryl Gamble, Tamara Johnson and Leanne Lyons are Right Here with a new deal inked with Mass Entertainment and E1 to record their fourth studio album. The group disbanded in 1998, and after 13 years off the scene, we can't wait to see what SWV2K11 looks like. The girl group is also working on their very own documentary about their success, failures, break-up, and inspiration.

Nineties nostalgia officially reigns in 2011 -- we're wearing our Dr. Martens, holding onto some NKOTBSB tickets and spraying our hair with some Studio Line by L'Oreal Pumpin' Curls in anticipation.

Now excuse us, this SWV new album news has made us Weak in the Knees (we can hardly speak...). What's your take on the SWV comeback?