Star Spotting: Rihanna Lets Her Hair Down... ALLLL THE WAAY Down

Credit: Getty Images

Dear Rapunzel,

Bad news: There's a Barbadian beauty who carries with her an extensive discography of ridiculously addictive pop songs, and while her (now-) fire-engine red hair has seen its share of styles -- recently in the form of a demure, classic bun -- she's trumped you. Rihanna, who's currently shooting videos for "Man Down" and "California King Bed," has let it all hang out, and her long red hair is literally long enough for a koala to grab hold of and never let go (are there koalas in Barbados? Why do we think about these things?)

We know you're all high up in a castle and stuff, but Rihanna was actually photographed leaving a hotel in Manhattan, which is kind of the same thing. We wouldn't be surprised if RiRi had her own share of googly-eyed male suitors standing outside several stories below. But, unlike you, Rapunzel, the Rihanna we know is a little too smart to lower her locks down the side of a building, no less a dirty one in the middle of Manhattan. She could probably get bedbugs! Gross. Worst.

You just do you, Rapunzel. But we just wanted to give you the heads-up. There's a new long-haired beauty in town.