OMG This Little Boy Sings Whitney Houston Better Than Whitney Houston!

Credit: Getty Images

Remember when Susan Boyle basically stole the internet after she appeared on "Britain's Got Talent" and sang a song from "Cats," wooing the entire world into falling in love with a dowdy-looking Scottish lady who, despite looking like a "regular person" (heaven forbid!), had ridiculously powerful pipes? She went on to major success, becoming one of the world's most successful torch singers with a rags-to-riches story that could only happen on reality television.

So, update: Susan Boyle 2.0 is now a 14-year-old boy named Jack Vidgen of Sydney, Australia, who appeared on "Australia's Got Talent." He may only have 14 years under his belt, but his ability to belt out "I Have Nothing" just as well as its originator, Whitney Houston, is jaw-dropping.  Seriously, STOP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW! WATCH THIS VIDEO! PREPARE FOR THE ARRIVAL OF JACK VIDGEN. DO work!!!!!!!!! A STAR IS BORN!

+ Watch Jack Vidgen sing Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing."