New Video: Jennifer Lopez, 'I'm Into You'

Credit: Getty Images

Things just seem to get better and better for Jennifer Lopez. She's once again America's Sweetheart, thanks to her plum role as "American Idol" judge, and she was recently named "The Most Beautiful Woman In The World" by People magazine. She's already seen "On The Floor," the first single off of her upcoming album, Love?, top the charts on iTunes, and now the video for the album's second single, "I'm Into You," debuted exclusively on "The Today Show." She's killin' it.

In "I'm Into You," J. Lo is seen flaunting her stunning body around what looks like ancient Mayan ruins (spoiler alert: It was filmed in Mexico). There are a handful of costume changes, featuring every sequin on the planet, and the dance break reminds us once again why Jennifer was one of the original Fly Girls (hint: because she can dance).

Yet somehow, the older Jennifer Lopez gets, the more she manages to look even better than ever. If you think you're experiencing déjà vu when "Jenny from the block" wades through the water in "I'm Into You," it's OK: You're just remembering "Love Don't Cost A Thing." She still looks just as good! It's like she's aging in reverse, or, as Kanye West once said, "This is some serious Benjamin Button's s***!!!"

+ Watch Jennifer Lopez's new video, "I'm Into You," here.