Hair! Makeup! Swearing! Go Backstage With Katy Perry In Her Tour Diary Video

Credit: Getty Images

Perhaps in response to Lady Gaga's "Gagavision," Katy Perry released a video entitled "Candyfornia Candids," an online peek into her life behind the scenes. Where else would you hear someone on a production crew for a concert ask, "Do you want to go with candy canes tonight?"

Not only does Katy respond that not only will there be candy canes, but there had better be multicolored wigs, too. Because when you're the headliner of the California Dreams tour, you get what you want, even if that includes making your backup dancers sport hair the color of cotton candy.

Also on hand is hubby Russell Brand, who shows up to support his hardworking wife. He seems pretty at ease too, considering we're seeing him on the European leg of Katy's tour as she jet-sets from Berlin to Lisbon, Portugal; Munich, Germany; Milan, Italy; and Zurich, Switzerland.

And just because she loves candy doesn't mean Katy doesn't work to get her bikini body in top physical (duhhh) shape. Katy's on a treadmill! Katy's doing squats! Katy's lifting weights! You can't wear insanely tight body-hugging latex without a little effort, folks.

"People know who I am," Katy declares. "I've shot whipped cream out of my t**s, so they’re not expecting me to sing the f***ing ABC's." That's exactly why we love you, girl. You do you, and we'll just keep watching.

+ Watch Katy Perry in "Candyfornia Candids" here. (Some language NSFW.)