You Can Actually Own A Justin Bieber Toothbrush That Sings To You (Obviously)

Credit: Splash News

Come this summer, Justin Bieber will help you avoid cavities. Because a Justin Bieber toothbrush ACTUALLY EXISTS. And. It. Sings.

From a basically brilliant company called Brush Buddies, the Justin Bieber toothbrush, emblazoned with of the teen heartthrob himself, will play snippets of "Love Me" and "Baby" while you scrape away the remains of dinner nestled between your teeth for two minutes (suggested brushing time). But it doesn't end there. There is an entire line of Bieber-themed dental care, including flossers boasting Justin's signature to a travel kit that comes with a tongue scraper! And, adults, there is a Justin Bieber toothbrush made for your enormous, adult-size mouth, too.

The Justin Bieber toothbrush opportunity is twofold: Not only will you have a great time achieving ideal dental hygiene, but your smile will be even prettier, which is a win/win situation if you're going to a Bieber concert. Obviously, the dude just wants to see "U Smile."

+ Preorder your own Justin Bieber toothbrush and watch this education video to see where no toothbrush should go.