Video Premiere: Dacav5, 'Dirty Style'

I know, we're still wiping our tears about the third season of "Jersey Shore" ending too, but here's a little something to hold you over until it returns -- Philadelphia pop/hip hop group Dacav5's video for their song "Dirty Style." It's basically "Jersey Shore: The Musical," complete with tattoos, fist pumps, and yes, a cameo by "Jersey Shore"'s Angelina herself. So let's keep this party going, shall we?

Dacav5's "Dirty Style" short could only be described as a higher caliber Shakespearean sonnet, ruminating eloquently on those age-old themes that only the most learned of poets have attempted to articulate: loneliness, death, and the transience of life. JK!!! It's about partying!!!!!! And Dacav5 is really good at it!!!!!

"Dirty Style" has got all the entertainment essentials -- synchronized grinding, a game of strip poker, a "Beer Helmet Cam," and, oh, a cameo by Jersey Shore's very own Angelina. Best to go straight to the source when you want that authentic party vibe, right? And we might be a little premature here, but we're gonna go ahead and call Dacav5's "Dirty Style" the "Shots" of 2011. As in, the LMFAO classic. Now, if you'll excuse me -- I have a glittery T-shirt to iron.

+ Watch Dacav5's "Dirty Style" video below.