Indie Music Month Video Premiere: Patent Pending, 'One Less Heart To Break'

As part of MTV's Indie Music Month, we're premiering videos from some of the most exciting artists in the indie music scene. And to kick off the weekend, we've got "One Less Heart To Break" from Long Island pop-punk quintet Patent Pending.

Patent Pending -- whose energetic and infectious sound falls right in line with that of their Warped Tour brethren All Time Low and Gym Class Heroes -- are currently touring the East Coast in support of their album/DVD combo I'm Not Alone. Singer Joe Ragosta describes "One Less Heart To Break" as "easily the most serious song" he's ever written.

"One Less Heart To Break" was written several years ago after the band lost a close friend to suicide. The accompanying video depicts the heartbreak felt by an entire community when a life is lost. It's a moving musical tribute to their departed friend, a wishful memory, a cautionary tale, and a reminder to those in need to reach out. The video concludes with the simple yet powerful words "you are not alone" and the band's thoughtful mention of the life-affirming online community To Write Love On Her Arms, a nonprofit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

+ Watch Patent Pending's "One Less Heart To Break" video.