Nicki Minaj Makes Her 'Rah Rah Like A Dungeon Dragon' Face On Blackbook Magazine

(Credit: Andrew McPherson/BlackBook)

Almost four months after the release of her debut album, Pink Friday, Nicki Minaj is showing no signs of slowing down. Her newest single, "Moment 4 Life," is currently No. 1 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Chart (and Top 20 on the Pop Chart), she recently made a fantastic, smoke-machine-filled appearance on "Saturday Night Live," and, now, she's on the cover of BlackBook's Pop issue.

You typically get some really great photos with a Nicki feature, and these shots by photographer Andrew McPherson are no exception. But props must be given to the behind-the-scenes access and frank nature of the Nicki Minaj feature itself.

In the piece, written by Nick Haramis, we find Minaj, tired but content in London, on her first trip to Europe. She talks about her childhood in New York City, the jobs she held down before committing to music full-time (Red Lobster!), how fame impacted her life and, perhaps most interestingly, the similarities between her and Lady Gaga.

You can read the entire feature over at BlackBook's site. For now, check out some more shots of Nicki Minaj from the shoot.