POSTED: New Politics Get A New Drummer

MTV's POSTED Artist of the Month is the Brooklyn-via-Denmark rock trio New Politics. And in the following video, you'll find that while they're still a trio, they've got a decidedly different lineup.

In what must be a first for a POSTED video, you're about to watch a band lose one member and gain a new one.

All this month on, we've seen New Politics touring America, making backbreaking drives across multiple states to play electric shows for adoring crowds. It seems like all that touring and hard work has taken a toll on the band, as original drummer Poul Amaliel announces that, after some months of contemplation, he's leaving the band. And he does so in front of MTV's POSTED cameras.

Never fear, New Politics fans, the show must go on. And this video serves not only as a farewell to Amaliel but as an introduction to new drummer, Louis Vecchio.

Vechhio is an online gaming and Sour Patch Kids enthusiast who, by the way, is no slouch behind the drum kit, as you'll see in the second video.

Check out this unique New Politics video below, wherein a personnel change happens right before your eyes. For everything New Politics-related--from tweets to videos to blogs--head over to