MTV Artist To Watch In 2011: Miguel

(Credit: Rene Cervantes/MTV)

Miguel's already landed on MTV's Artists To Watch In 2011 list, and he very could very well dominate R&B in 2011. The Los Angeles singer combines the best elements of neo-soul (think artists like D'Angelo, Maxwell and Musiq) and radio-friendly R&B club jams (think Usher's more restrained moments).

Miguel's hit single, "All I Want Is You" features one of the most memorable bass lines in recent memory and has become a calling card song for the young performer. His debut album has been a long time in the making, but if it's anywhere near as carefully constructed and lovingly arranged as "All I Want...," then we're looking at a real powerhouse who's set to rise to the top and stay there.

Below, you'll get a video introduction to Miguel. We start with a fun Q&A, where he talks about his album, his love life, the making of "All I Want Is You," and the influence of Queen and Freddie Mercury on his music.

Check out Buzzworthy's interview with Miguel, then enjoy his video for "All I Want Is You." And while you're on this Miguel kick, be sure to check out his exclusive MTV photo gallery. Miguel's debut album, All I Want Is You, is due out next year.

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