10 Things To Know Now: Joe Jonas Isn't A Pastry Chef, Will Willow Rule 2010? Plus, So Many Cats!

Welcome back to my weekly Internet Top 10! All the celebrities have gone into hibernation until next year, and with them goes all the juicy, spicy gossip. Luckily there's still plenty of grade A Christmastime kitty action going 'round. Shall we...?

1.) Brrrr! It sure is getting chilly outside. Good thing these kittens are wearing mittens. (YouTube)

2.) Oprah's final Favorite Things episode aired and IT. WAS. BANANAAAAAAAAS (that was supposed to be an excited Oprah voice). Volkswagens, control-top jeans and (the reason for the control-top jeans) jelly-filled danish were had by all! But then Oprah kind of snapped and unleashed a plague of bees on her audience. What a grinch! (Funny Or Die via TeamCoco)

3.) The son in this trailer for Mel Gibson's bizarre "comeback" vehicle, "The Beaver," has got it right. He asks, "Is this a joke?" (PopEater)

4.) From what I can tell in these "American Idol" promos, newbie judge Steven Tyler will be reprising his role as a will-use-any-excuse-to-scream '80s rock frontman for the competition's 10th season. (Idolator)

5.) I don't know if you've been following MTV News' Top 25 Songs of 2010 countdown, but let me just say this: If Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" doesn't break the top four, someone is getting a STERN talking to. But also, I'm really happy for you, Cee Lo Green. (MTV News)

6.) Joe Jonas is a guest judge on Top Chef. At this point, you may be asking yourself, "What does Joe Jonas know about food?" The answer to that is, just about as much as the Top Chef contestant knows about him, which is to say, not a ton. (Grub Street via Bravo)

7.) Now you can wrap your gifts in the warmth of Twitter, 140 characters at a time! The first 3,000 peeps to swaddle their holiday booty in non sequiturs will receive a free printed roll of their wrapping paper and maybe also a laptop. (Mashable)

8.) Here's New Kids On the Block (circa when Arsenio Hall still had a show) wishing you a Funky, Funky Christmas! (Break.com)

9.) This incredibly creepy woman is the reason hand models get such a bad wrap. (Yahoo!)

10.) And finally, drumroll, please... BAD, BAD KITTEH IN A CHRISTMAS TREE! This video makes me die. (Buzzfeed)