10 Things To Know Now: Mariah Carey Too Sexy For Middle East, Hilarious Animated Gifs FTW & More

Oh, hi. I'm Nicole Sia, and every week I'll be bringing you all of the important Internet happenings that you should know about this week in a convenient bullet-pointed list. Shall we begin?

1.) Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" video premiered today, and I'm really happy for her, but this "Sesame Street" mashup is one of the greatest mashups of all time! (Prefix Mag)

2.) Oh snap! Sir Elton John said "American Idol" is so boring that it's "brain crippling." Don't lie, you're kind of over that show, too. (PopEater)

3.) I'm not sure whether these album covers are true artifacts of a purported Saudi Arabian effort to Photoshop some modesty onto Mariah Carey, but they're still hilarious to look at. (Mediabum)

4.) A picture is worth a thousand words, so this glossary of animated gifs must speak a bajillion. (Jezebel)

5.) May I present to you the epically catchy, NSFW music video, "Being A D---head's Cool." Yeah, yeah, I'm a few weeks late on this one, but ripping on hipsters is timeless. (Buzzfeed)

6.) Possible caption for my favorite LOLcat photo of the week: "STRINGZ, I CAN TO PLAYS DEM." Got a better one? Leave it in the comments below.

7.) Dude, do NOT cross Taylor Swift. She just may write a song about you (see: Kanye West, Taylor Lautner, and now John Mayer). Buzzfeed's got the supposed lyrics to her new song, "Dear John."

8.) Kanye West made a stink that his nekkid angel lady album cover was "banned" even though it wasn't really officially banned or whatever. But here are 10 rap album covers that SHOULD be banned. Careful: Possible NSFW nipples ahead. (RapFix)

9.) Is Christina Aguilera switching teams? Radaronline.com is reporting that she's hanging out with famous Lohan lover Samantha Ronson. You gotta feel for Jordon Bratman on this one, folks.

10.) After the news that Justin Bieber is doing a nail polish line for OPI (for his GIRL fans, you guys!), Crushable ponders four more questionable celebrity product endorsements.