Video Premiere: Sky Ferreira, 'Obsession'

First of all, let's not judge Sky Ferreira by her obsession, OK? We all have things we're obsessed with, be they highly public and obvious--Justin Bieber--or more closeted and bizarre, like a compulsive need to save and jar your own earwax. Everybody's got that something, as the old song goes. And while Sky Ferreira is actually obsessed with Justin Bieber, she's got an even bigger obsession. Who happens to be... three times her age. And known for playing a psychotic, ear-lopping thief in "Reservoir Dogs." Ahem, yes. In Sky Ferreira's "Obsession" video (you've heard the song on "The Vampire Diaries"), all it takes is an internet connection and a star map to connect Sky to the man of her dreams (and of her reality): Mr. Blonde, or, Michael Madsen. Fortunately, Michael Madsen (who plays himself... playing himself) is game, and he and Sky become, well, partners in crime. You'll see.

Watch Sky Ferreira's "Obsession" video, directed by Marc Klasfeld, now. Plus, watch our exclusive interview with Sky to see why "Obsession" is a comment on fan obsessions with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.