Check It Out! Watch Nicki Minaj And Perform At The 2010 MTV VMAs!

Nicki Minaj and's "Check It Out" samples the '80s classic "Video Killed The Radio Star," and tonight the dynamic duo killed the 2010 MTV VMAs Pre-Show. After being talked up by the likes of Drake and Trey Songz, Nicki had a lot to live up to. And of course, Nicki more than delivered.

Rocking a pink beehive and a purple Jetsons bodysuit, Nicki opened her performance with an abridged version of her R&B-tinged hit "Your Love." But the Harajuku Barbie really brought the house down with "Check It Out," where she was joined by Black Eyed Pea

Will was rocking what can best be described as an outfit heavily influenced by Batman and "G.I. Joe" 's Snake Eyes. You have to see it to believe it.