Video Premiere: Nicki Minaj, 'Your Love'

When it comes to girl-on-girl catfights in music videos, we've already seen Brandy and Monica square off over an apartment-hopping player; Avril Lavigne pluck a boy toy off another girl's arm; and Mariah Carey kick her own a** in a movie theater bathroom. And now making her official entry into the canon -- and raising the stakes in the process -- is Black Barbie herself, Nicki Minaj, with her new video for "Your Love."

Decked out in gorgeous silk robes, Nicki and a competitive classmate go all "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," crossing samurai swords over their hunky martial arts instructor. Occasionally, the camera cuts to Ms. Young Money soloing in front of billowing 1-million-thread-count satin sheets, just to remind us how damn FINE she is. But then back to the fighting: Blood is shed, and someone doesn't make it out alive. We'll leave it to you to find out which lady reigns supreme.