What's Up With Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment' Metal Half-Glove?

As anyone who's seen Adam Lambert's over-the-top American Music Awards performance of "For Your Entertainment" or the "For Your Entertainment" video can attest, Lambert clearly loves a hard swig of the Mad Max juice. In other words, while Adam Lambert's stylistic vibe on his "For Your Entertainment" album cover is totally '80s hair metal, his look on the "For Your Entertainment" single is clearly inspired by the 1979 dystopian action flick, Mad Max, which starred Mel Gibson. (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was the one that starred Tina Turner in an amazing Barbarella-goes-barbaric outfit.)

So it should come as no surprise that when Adam Lambert wanted a piece of statement jewelry -- in this case, a metal half-glove -- to rock on the cover of his "For Your Entertainment" single, he asked jewelry designer Michael Spirito (Rihanna, Shakira, Gwen Stefani, and Beyonce have worn his works) to create a "Mad Max-meets-Michael-Jackson-glove." The result is the sterling silver hand-piece/ half-glove that took over 20 hours to create.

Even if you're the biggest Adam Lambert fan in the world, it'll be tough to get your hands on one of Adam Lambert's metal gloves (literally or figuratively) since it costs around $3,500. But you can check out his Exhibitionist collection or his Rock & Redemption line at Sears.