Is This Possibly The Best Kanye West / Taylor Swift VMA Viral Video Of The Week?

PLEASE believe me when I tell you that at this point in the week I've seen just about EVERY Kanye West stagecrashing/ interruption mash-up/ hybrid/ parody ever created. Trust me. I get it. I work at MTV, I was at the VMAs when it happened, I like funny things. I've seen them all. I'm pretty sure my mom's even sent me a few. Hell, I think she even MADE a few Kanye interruption JPEGs.

But this Kanye/ Taylor VMA tribute, by Houston singer-songwriter Without A Face (he's on Ludo's Redbird Records and tours with the band) is one of the most fun, as it parodies Taylor Swift's "Love Story" and Kanye's "Heartless" and involves hilariously timed VMA footage of Kanyegate (the shot of Beyonce's face is priceless), as well as references to U2 and KANYE'S SOUTH PARK FISHSTICKS!

Okay, Without A Face, I'ma let you finish, but first, lemme say, this is one of the best Kanye/ Taylor VMA parodies I've seen all week!!!1!

one heartless love song parody (taylor & kanye) from wafvimeo on Vimeo.