The Buzz On: David Guetta

Yesterday we featured David Guetta's video, "Sexy Chick." Lest we leave you in a lurch wondering who, exactly, David Guetta is, here's some backstory.

David Guetta is essentially Supreme DJ Overlord of Europe's dance circuit (unofficial title); so while David doesn't have to impress anyone over here, he's been winning over U.S. audiences all summer.

Do I need to ask if you're familiar with Guetta's summer jam, "When Love Takes Over," with vocals by Kelly Rowland? How about the Black Eyed Peas number, "I Gotta Feeling," which Guetta produced and co-wrote? So yeah, whether you knew it or not, your summer's been Guetta-rrific.

DJ Guetta's name may come to the U.S. forefront soon enough, though, thanks to latest album, One Love; Guetta has a ridiculous set of collaborations: Of course there's Kelly Rowland -- as well as a remix of "I Gotta Feeling" -- on the album, but he's also got, Estelle, Ne-Yo, Kid Cudi and Akon (on "Sexy Chick.")

A little back story on Guetta? He was born in Paris, and he began remixing vinyls and throwing parties by age 15. Guetta became club king a few years later, DJing blowouts in Paris and Ibiza. His renowned "F*** Me, I'm Famous" party in Cannes actually hosted Guetta's initial meeting with Kelly Rowland -- who was shaking her booty to Guetta's mix 'til the wee hours, until she approached Guetta in the DJ booth for a collabo. So nice when they come to you!

So, that's what you need to know about David Guetta. That, and he DJs parties bigger than your hometown. Now go remix your own version of "Sexy Chick."