Watch LMFAO's John Hughes-Inspired 'La La La' Video

If the sexified hair and glasses didn't convey this already, LMFAO's Sky Blu has some serious good taste: In the group's new video, "La La La," inspired by the late John Hughes, Redfoo, with some intense keyboard tappage, programs the ultimate "virtual woman" experience, Weird Science-style; and Sky Blu chooses Chelsea Korka from The Paradiso Girls (that's my girl!) for his first go-around.

Overall, the video's a hilarious composite of '80s concepts of the future, in all their neon pixelated glory. For the uninitiated, I would describe LMFAO as a cross between Chromeo and Brett and Jemaine from Flight of The Conchords. The late John Hughes inspired the LMFAO "La La La" video, and in a strange and sad turn of events, Redfoo and Sky Blu actually spoke to MTV's Tim Kash about their Weird Science concept, unknowingly, on the day Hughes died.

Also, point of contention: Chelsea's look lends itself to more of a '90s feel than an '80s look -- girl is channeling some straight-up Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell. You can see it, right? That is straight hotness, Chels. (And the booty shake? To think Robin Antin said you couldn't dance...)