New Video: Tiny Masters Of Today, 'Pop Chart'

What is this, bring your kid to work day? Tiny Masters Of Today are the second teenage band to pop up on Buzzworthy today and I am loving it. Who decided that weathered old junkies were supposed be in charge of rock 'n roll, anyway? Those dudes go to bed at 10. These dudes (specifically brother/sister duo Ivan and Ada, and friend Jackson Pollis*) stay up all night freaking out about things like how insane it would've been to see The Stooges. OK, I'm projecting, it's unfair. But it's not totally unfounded.

I read this Facebook status update this morning that's stuck with me all day: "Just watched Almost Famous and was reminded of how fun it is to love a band that much." Sure, old folks (read: twenty-somethings) love music, too. But I really do believe that nobody falls in love with the world -- especially the consumable world -- as deeply or intensely as 14-year-olds. Everything is new. And for the first time, it kind of looks like yours.

What better explanation is there for the level of commitment and sincerity in Tiny Masters Of Today's swagger? And what better explanation for the freshness and recklessness of their careless sound?

Again, I hate to dwell on age, because Tiny Masters Of Today sound just as legit as any gang of disillusioned 35-year-olds. They've more than held their own on collaborations with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kimya Dawson, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and the B-52s. David Bowie called them geniuses. Now they're back to blow all those middle-agers away again with a new blah-punk ballad called "Pop Chart." The video is below. Quit reading and watch it already.

* thanks ashlonie!

+ Amazing interview with Ada of Tiny Masters Of Today