The Buzz On: Esser

Esser is a tough dude to Google. Lucky for us, he has posted this introduction on a site called Bebo:

Esser is a person not a band. I use a computer machine and some instruments to make popular songs. Most of my songs are in the key of E.

I have also put together that Esser is from London and wears his hair like the Slim Jim mascot. What I already knew is that Esser knows how to make the club get crunk. His designer blend of house, two-step, rock and outsider-easy-listening (which amounts roughly to a whimsical mix of Phoenix meets The Streets) has got the whole London underground on lock. He's also in the midst of his first U.S. tour, an abbreviated trip with stops in New York, L.A., San Francisco and Chicago.

To fuel the fire he ignited with his debut LP, Braveface, Esser now sporadically drops solid gold mixtapes for free on his website. (You can sign up for his feed RIGHT HERE.) I highly recommend that you do that if you expect to be entertaining anytime this summer. All you gotta to do to set a party off, is pop in an Esser mixtape and watch it burn.