New Video: Sean Kingston, 'Fire Burning'

Somebody call 911! Sean Kingston gives the "what a gwan" dancehall revival a Bollywood makeover in his sauna of a new video for Tomorrow single, "Fire Burning." And let me tell you. That little preview we broke you off with last week had nothing on the real deal.

Processions of zoot suit G-men and fly dancers on Razor scooters snake their way through a bass-bumping warehouse where the animal-print-Spandex-clad guests are jumping higher than the temperature. And just when you think it couldn't get any hotter, the dance crews show up.

The explosive scene gets packed enough to make "Jai Ho" jealous! And, between the swing kids, the booty dancers, and the break crews, if you watch close, you could really learn a thing or two. Get with it! Sean Kingston! "Fire Burning!"