Top 5 Things I Love About Drew Seeley's 'New Classic' Video!

You already know that Drew Seeley not only wrote some of the songs on the High School Musical soundtrack (and earned an Emmy nomination for "Getcha Head In The Game") but was also Zac Efron's singing voice (not in a ventriloquist way though). You also know that Drew Seeley starred with Selena Gomez in Another Cinderella Story, which is where "New Classic" comes in! And no, "New Classic" isn't about sneakers. It's about Selena.

So, here are five things I love about Drew Seeley's "New Classic" video:

1.) Drew references "PYT," which is an AMAZING old-school Michael Jackson song! KNOW this!

2.) Once the chorus kicks in, you can almost sing Usher's "Yeah!" (yeah!) on top of it, which is cool.

3.) Drew kind of looks like a young Robbie Williams. Well, doesn't he?

4.) Selena uses public transportation in the video. SO enviro-friendly and green, like her friend Miley!

5.) The "New Classic" video looks like it cost next to nothing to make but instead focuses on Drew's vocal chops instead of over-the-top effects. And HELLO! We're in a hardcore RECESSION, people. Everyone should take a tip from Drew Seeley and shoot on a shoestring. And by "everyone," I mean Kanye West.

Watch Drew in action in "New Classic."