Get Bill Kaulitz's New Look With A Step-By-Step Makeup Tutorial

Around the beginning of March, there was a great and mighty gasp heard 'round the Tokiosphere when, on top of his new black-and-white dreads that replaced his signature lion's mane, Bill Kaulitz revealed another brand-new look. Gone were the kohl-ringed, heavily lined (and lined... and lined... and lined again) cat eyes, pale lips, and matte skin. In their place, Bill revealed a rust-colored smokey eye, glossy lips, and skin that shined in all the right places in all the right ways.

Bill's look has been divisive amongst fans, but I personally love it and think it's mature, graceful, and more grownup. I know a lot of Bill Kaulitz fans miss the lion's mane. But Bill essentially matured overnight when he revealed his new look. And I applaud Bill's willingness to change his look and keep things interesting -- who among us hasn't grown bored with our hair or overall look? And love or hate Madonna, but she's stayed relevant for DECADES by changing her style more often than most of us change rolls of toilet paper.

So, inspired and intrigued by Bill's new makeup, and knowing that a lot of Tokio Hotel fans like to dress like Bill, I got in touch with my friends over at M.A.C. and arranged for a step-by-step makeup tutorial with senior M.A.C. makeup artist Keri Blair, who's worked with Katy Perry, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, and Disturbed.

I can't bring you a new Tokio Hotel single, a sneak preview of the new album, a studio visit, or another sit-down interview with Tokio Hotel and a bag of yummy gummi candy (yet!), but hopefully I can ease the pain of the excruciating wait for Tokio Hotel's new album with this entertaining and informative video that shows you how to achieve Bill's brand-new look.

Watch me transform from Tamar to the lost Tokio sister (not really, but I did take one for the Tokio team), and learn how to get Bill Kaulitz's new look.

And thank you, James,'s production coordinator, for volunteering to be our male model, MTV video editor Toby for his handiwork, Jesse for the T-Pain wig, and, of course, our glam friends at M.A.C.!

PS -- I totally wore my Bill makeup on the walk to the train and all the way home. I felt a little weirded out for a minute or so, until I passed a girl dressed like a cross between Molly from Neuromancer and Tank Girl, and I breathed a little sigh of relief.